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Your Favourite Come & See Events On-Demand

Guest Speaker Jeremy Marshall

‘Finding Hope in the Face of Death’Guest Speaker: Jeremy Marshall

15 Mar, 19:00

Burbage Village Hall, Burbage Village Hall, 60 Eastcourt Rd, Burbage, Marlborough SN8 3AJ, UK

‘Finding Hope in the Face of Death’. Our speaker is Jeremy Marshall, whose last job in the City was CEO of C. Hoare & Co, the UK’s oldest Private Bank.  Three years ago he had the life-changing experience of being diagnosed with incurable cancer. He will talk about his experiences and finding hope

Guest Speaker: Rachel Wright

Where is God now?Rachel Wright

04 April, 19:00

Shattered Lives – Where is God now?

Rachel is an author, nurse and mum living in Essex with her GP husband and three wonderful sons. For a long-time life was going to plan, but changed in an instant on the day her eldest son was born with complex disabilities. “More than ever, I’m convinced that being broken isn’t a problem, it’s what we do with the pieces that count.” 

Guest Speaker: Sir Jeremy Cooke

Beyond Reasonable Doubt...The Evidence for the ResurrectionSir Jeremy Cooke

Sir Jeremy Cooke retired as a Judge in March 2016, after serving for 15 years on the High Court Bench, to practise as a full time arbitrator and mediator. His specialism is commercial law but in his time as a High Court Judge, he presided over many high profile criminal trials - murders.

( The above recording with thanks to Christ Church Kensington as there was technical fault with the recording on Friday 12th April in the Village Hall )

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